Staycation Vs Vacation

The ultimate question every family asks every single year… staycation or vacation?

With Christmas over and everyone in the midst of credit card debt, cutbacks and lifestyle changes are happening everywhere! Sometimes a staycation, especially in the countryside, can be more enjoyable than a vacation.. so we’re taking a look at the pro’s and con’s of staycations to help you decide.


1 – You save money Staycations are a massive money saver, there’s no worries about flights, hotel rooms and whether to go all-inclusive or half board. There’s no ridiculous prices beach sun beds, ‘bottomless’ cocktails or excursions to think about either.

2 – Less time travelling more time vacationing! The good thing about staycations is you don’t have to travel for hours (home to the airport, time spent on the plane, and then transfers) with staycations you can literally get up and go! 

3 – You’re giving back to the UK economy When choosing to staycation, you’re automatically putting money back into the UK economy and also helping local businesses! Win Win! 


1 – The weather One thing we can never control is the weather! England is notorious for freezing, damp months, so organising a staycation during unreliable Spring/Summer sometimes is a stab in the dark!

2  – Escaping from the daily grind. Being in the same country is less of a disconnect from the real world life.  But put an ocean or a few continents in between of you and your inbox it certainly helps with relaxing.

3 – No Culture Vulture!  Staying at home means the culture shift you get from visiting another time zone doesn’t really happen.

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