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Allenheads Lodge Residential Trips

Situated within 45 miles of all the major cities in the North East and Cumbria, Allenheads lodge is the ideal location for school and college residential courses.  Our approach is different to most, we have less beds and less people each day which means your instructors will get to know the group to a much better level, you will have a dedicated lead instructor for the whole week.    In terms of quality, our team is loaded with dedicated outdoor practitioners whose passion and drive comes through in all that they do.  For you and your group it means you get best possible service and the most out of your time with us.   We offer options for full board or self-catered, the choice is yours. We also build activity packages around your needs and expectations, some people opt for an off the shelf option, others create their own unique programme, either way we have the staff and equipment to make it all work and for the young people to get a huge amount from their time with us.

The lodge is owned and operated by Springboard, a charity based across the North East. Springboard aims to support the development of sustainable communities, where people have the skills they need for life and work.  We are well established in education and were awarded ‘Good’ at our last Ofsted.  We hold the Matrix award for information, advice and guidance and we are Investors in People.  The work Springboard carries out began over 40 years ago and it continues now in all the locations we operate in.  The lodge is part and parcel of the offer to our own internal learners where everyone on our courses has the opportunity to visit as part us as part of their chosen course.

How does a typical week work?

Prior to arrival we set out what we would like to achieve during the time at the lodge as well as any particular activity requests.

Outline Plan

Day One

Noon- Arrival, introductions and allocation of rooms.

12.30- Lunch

1pm- Team challenges in the Lodge grounds.

5pm- Tea

6.30pm- Night Walk around the forest in Allenheads

8.15pm- Discuss Day two.

8.30pm-free time and supper.

Day Two

8am- Breakfast

9am-Activity brief and leave for activity

9.30am-Canoeing at Tyne Green Hexham

12pm- Lunch on the river with some shelter building

1.30pm- Rock Climbing near Hadrians Wall

7pm-Debreif and discussion about following day.

7.15pm- Tea

8pm- Free time

Day Three

8am- Breakfast

9am- Gorge Walking, gear on and head to venue

9.30am- Gorge Walking

12pm-Return Lodge and change

1.30pm- Archery and Mountain Biking

5pm-Debrief and tea.

6pm-Free evening

Day Four

8am- Breakfast

9.30am-Allenheads Challenge

11am- Final debrief, pack up and depart.

What are the costs?

Depending on the programme costs can be quite variable and can be adjusted up and down depending on a few things.  The outline programme above for 16 young people and 2 staff costs £2400 plus VAT.  This includes all meals, specialist equipment and accommodation.  Costs can be adjusted up and down, we can provide transport and full overnight support at an additional costs.  Likewise to reduce the costs we can remove some catering options, offer less activities or look at the calendar and utilise out of season dates.  We also run day activities from the lodge which is a great way of getting away from the learners normal day and a fraction of the cost of a few days away.

If you would like to know more about any of the courses we have at Allenheads Lodge you can contact us on adventure@springboard-ne.org

Springboard runs a variety of courses across the region, 16-19 year old study programme training, adult vocational works training courses as well as a range of apprenticeships.

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